"Race Discrimination in the United States"

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    Race Discrimination in the United States
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Dear Mr. Garvin Fearnley,

I am writing you because I would like to apply for the talk at the Bar camp. It is important for me to participate in Bar camp, as the topic I intend to present is relevant for the current situation in the United States. It reads as follows The issue of Race Discrimination in the United States.

In the application I attached an abstract for my talk. First and foremost, historical background of African American life worlds is considered. It includes important series of laws that positively influenced existence of African Americans in the US. Second, controversial consequences of application of these laws in the country are presented in the abstract. Third, the issue of racism nowadays in economics, education, healthcare and justice is investigated by means of historical analysis of documents and statistical data.

The general topic area of my talk belongs to Human Rights of African Americans in the United States. At present time racial difference, segregation, massive killings, feeling of guilt and danger are experienced by African Americans who can be killed for no reason by police officers. I suppose thanks to my talk people can take a step back and reflect on what is going on in America right now, whether racial issues of the past are urgent now and what measures can be taken to protect human rights of African Americans.

Kind regards

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