"Race Discrimination in the United States"

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    Race Discrimination in the United States
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The issue of Race Discrimination in the United States

In the 60s of the XX century, the United States passed a series of laws prohibiting race discrimination (Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution of 1968, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Employment Non-Discrimination Act, Equal Pay Act of 1963 and besides this, more than 10 laws).  Despite this, it cannot be argued that the active period of the struggle for the civil rights of black Americans has ended.  Race protests periodically occur in different states, which is a prime example of the fact that contradictions between the white and black people of the United States exist today.

The issue of race discrimination in the United States is considered in this work as a manifestation of racism, which continues to exist in American society since the founding of the state. The main sources and spheres of manifestation of racism and discrimination of African Americans occur at the level of economic and social public institutions, therefore, manifestations of racism are primarily considered through the prism of economic and social factors. The effects of racism can still be easily found in economics, education, healthcare and justice. The black ghettos are still the most vivid proof of the vitality of racism. Race segregation continues to exist on a large scale in all American cities with a significant proportion of the black population. Racism in the USA as a historical phenomenon is not static, it is constantly being transformed and takes on new forms in accordance with the development of society.

Theoretical and empirical research methods were used in the work: the search for literary sources, their study, generalization, analysis, the method of historical analysis of documents and analysis of statistical data were widely used. During analyzing the problem of racism in America, a comprehensive approach to the problem is used, the study of modern literature on this issue, articles of authoritative periodical publications such as The New-York Times, Time, Newsweek, World Report, The Guardian, as well as Internet sources. Among the documentary sources, legal acts are used, since it is necessary to trace how the laws were implemented in practice.

An analysis of the problem shows that statements by US officials on equal opportunities for all its citizens are not always confirmed in reality. In the United States racism still exists at both the domestic and institutional levels. The data presented in the work from a significant number of sources indicate the absence of pronounced progress in the social status of African Americans in America. Problems of social and economic discrimination in American society are relevant for the middle and lower middle classes based on race, color and nationality. They relate to classification on race or ethnic grounds, race persecution and discrimination against children from school age.

The practical significance of the work lies in the fact that this study can be used as a basis for studying the themes of history and the modern manifestation of racism in the United States.

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